Wandering Through Harrods, High Tea, and Broadway's "Matilda"

Tuesday was our 4th day in London.  We started off by grabbing breakfast at an amazing cafe next to Harrods called the Gran Cafe.  The district of Belgravia is one of the richest in London so many fancy cars lined the streets and the buildings were beautiful.

The Gran Cafe

This Cafe was delicious..I went for the pancakes which were served with fresh berries and ricotta cheese with a tasty glaze..sorry coach..

Checking out Harrods

High Tea at Cafe Royal on Regent Street

The tea room, where Oscar Wilde, a famous playwright used to hang out.

Lucy and Jen

Champagne is always a good idea. 

Works of art.

Black Cherry Macaroons

The beautiful set of Matilda from Broadway (Cambridge Theatre)

Katherine McVey